Wide-area Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance Discovery (WISRD)

The WISRD capability is the needed solution for dynamic real-time tasking and continuous optimization of assignments for ISR assets. WISRD is a web-based solution utilizing Java and the Angular 4 framework.

WISRD’s Collection Management capability optimizes the process of federating Intelligence, EW, and Cyber assets (both organic and non-organic) to collection requests and operational mission needs while automatically enabling user-to-user collaboration for critical information exchange, dynamic sensor re-tasking, and evaluation of ISR Task satisfaction.

WISRD enables deep sensing ISR visualization within the COP which enables an easily comprehended, readily accessible, graphic display that depicts the current and future locations of collection assets, their capabilities, their field of regard, and their tasked targets supporting the joint force and component commands.

Cyber Analytic Toolkit (DCAT)

Cyber ONS at a Glance — What was Achieved?

CyOne, Inc. developed a database with a flexible ontology allowing users to create new entity types to meet their needs. Additionally, CyOne, Inc. developed the DCAT system which was integrated into several high-visibility Cyber-Electronic Warfare experiments and exercises. DCAT’s database can host at least 45 simultaneous client connections (this could be at least 100) per instance. Additionally, the DCAT solution scales horizontally as user demand increases. Also, DCAT enables analytical workflows based on HLR found in the Cyber ONS.

Misc. Projects

CyOne, Inc. utilizes agile design principles to consolidates engineering methodologies, best practices, lessons learned, direct user feedback, training integration, modularity, and holistic governance to multiple government agencies. Some of these accomplishments include the development of capabilities and Cloud Based Services (CBS) to establish a low overhead, single point of presence necessary for inter-service and multi-national collaboration, visualization, and dissemination across the Intelligence Community.